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October 2010 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Oct 29, 2010
  • Steven Mitchell Sack on Economic Depression, Unemployment and Employee Rights and Matt Barreto on The November Vote and Latino America
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  • Steven Mitchell Sack, The Employee's Lawyer® has been enforcing the workplace rights of employees, executives and sales reps for over 30 years. As a practicing attorney, author of 19 books, and radio host, Steven Sack is driven to protect workers by providing invaluable job and career legal strategies. He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNBC's Smart Money, CNN News, and Late Night America.

    Matt A. Barreto is an Associate Professor in political science at the University of Washington, Seattle and currently the director of the Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity and Race (WISER). His work examines the political participation of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States and his work has been published in the American Political Science Review, Political Research Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, Public Opinion Quarterly. Matt is a pollster for the firm Latino Decisions, which has conducted more polling of Latino voters in 2010 than any other polling firm.
  • Pub Date: Oct 22, 2010
  • Barbara Oakley on Wicked Ways: Evil Around Us and Aaron Belkin on The Latest on DADT, the State of Civil Rights, and What's at Stake Over the "Filibuster"
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  • Barbara is a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers and a recent vice president of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Currently an Associate Professor of Engineering at Oakland University in Michigan, she has been at the forefront of efforts to expand the bioengineering profession and has won awards from such organizations as the National Science Foundation.

    Aaron Belkin is Associate Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. He has published in the areas of civil-military relations, social science methodology, and sexuality and the armed forces. His recent studies include analyses of aerial coercion and strategic bombing, the conceptualization of coup risk, and the relationship between coup-proofing strategies and international conflict.
  • Pub Date: Oct 15, 2010
  • Charles Cogan 0n Our World At Large
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  • Dr. Cogan is an associate at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs (BCSIA) at the Kennedy School, Harvard University, concentrating on European issues and in particular on French-American relations. Before coming to Harvard as a Research Fellow in the Intelligence and Policy Project in 1989, Dr.Cogan had a 37-year career in the CIA, with long tours in India, Congo, Sudan, Morocco, Jordan and France. From 1979-1984, he was chief of the Near East and South Asia Division in the Directorate of Operations, and from 1984-1989, he was CIA chief in Paris. In May 2007, he was awarded the grade of Officer in the Legion d'Honneur by President Jacques Chirac.
  • Pub Date: Oct 08, 2010
  • Dr. Ted Broer on Maximum Health! Alcoholism, Anti-Aging & Mental Health and Erik Sass on The Mental Floss History of the United States: Glen Beck, American Wars and The Tea Party
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  • Dr Ted Broer is recognized as an International Health and Fitness expert. He has shared the platform with such notables as Colin Powell, Larry King, Bill Cosby, and Mary Lou Retton to name a few.

    Erik Sass is a journalist who covers the media business from his main base of operations in Los Angeles, with branch offices around the country. When not writing for Mental Floss Magazine, he reports on magazines, newspapers, radio, and billboard advertising for
  • Pub Date: Oct 01, 2010
  • Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. on The Social Network, Facebook, and Cyber-Bullying and Dr. Shelia Murphy on Transforming Cancer: Michael Douglas, the 9/11 health Bill, and New Therapy
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  • Alan Rosenblatt is the Associate Director for Online Advocacy at CAPAF. He is a frequent speaker and author on digital media, advocacy, and politics, including social networking, blogging, grassroots, and mobile advocacy strategies. He is the founder of the Internet Advocacy Center and the Internet Advocacy Roundtable; an adjunct professor at Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and American Universities, where he teaches Media and Politics in the Digital Age, Internet Politics, Digital Political Strategies, and Internet Advocacy Communications.

    Dr. Sheila Murphy researches how people process information and make decisions and the factors that influence them such as emotion, identification, transportation, racial and gender stereotypes, and cultural norms and beliefs. Recently, Dr. Murphy was awarded a prestigious 5 year $3.075 million dollar Transformative Roadmap Grant from the National Institutes of Health entitled "Transforming Cancer, Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior through Narrative."