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August 2012 Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Aug 31, 2012
  • Dr. Justin Frank on THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION: Romney, Ryan, Abortion and the Gay GOP and Dr. Christopher Ryan on THE POLITICS OF RELATIONSHIPS: "Modern Family", Monogamy, Sex and Power Couples
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  • Justin A. Frank, M.D. practices and teaches psychoanalysis in Washington, D.C. where he is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical Center. Dr. Frank has been a former columnist for Salon. com,, and the Huffington Post. Dr. Frank is also the Co-Director of the Metropolitan Center for Object Relations in New York.

    Christopher has lectured at the University of Barcelona Medical School, consulted at various hospitals, contributed to publications ranging from Behavioral and Brain Sciences (Cambridge University Press) to a textbook used in medical schools and teaching hospitals throughout Spain and Latin America. He's been featured in major national media, both conventional (e.g., MSNBC, Canada's CBC-TV, Oprah Radio, CNN, NPR, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic, Outside magazine) and Internet-based (e.g.,,, Big Think, and Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog over a dozen times).
  • Pub Date: Aug 24, 2012
  • Dr. Dan Edmunds on STATE OF MIND: James Holmes, Tony Scott, & Carrie Fisher and Dr. Mary Lamia on EMOTIONS AND STRONG FEELINGS: Abortion, Legitimate Rape, & the Republican Party
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  • Dan Edmunds, Ed.D., B.C.S.A., DAPA is an existential psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Dr. Edmunds' work has focused on drug free relational approaches for extreme states of mind and autism/developmental differences. He is the founder of the International Center for Humane Psychiatry, an emancipatory movement for human rights in the mental health system. Dr. Edmunds is the director of the Critical Psychology and Alternative Mental Health Services programs via European-American University.

    Dr. Lamia is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who works with adults, adolescents, and preteens in my Marin Country, California private practice. I am also a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. Teaching the public about the psychology of human behavior has been something I've done for over 30 years. For nearly a decade I hosted a weekly call-in talk show, KidTalk with Dr. Mary, on Radio Disney stations, and have provided opinions in many media interviews and discussions.
  • Pub Date: Aug 17, 2012
  • Judith Lipton, Ph.D. on Monogamy, War & Human Nature and Dr. Gordon Livingston on Fear & Courage
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  • Judith Eve Lipton, M.D. is a psychiatrist and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Lipton has been married for 34 years to David Barash; they have coauthored 6 books, on sex, war, and human nature.

    Dr. Livingston was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in upstate New York. He attended the U.S. Military Academy and upon graduation as an infantry officer was trained as a parachutist and an Army Ranger. He served for two years in the 82nd Airborne Division before attending medical school at Johns Hopkins from which he graduated in 1967. He interned at Walter Reed General Hospital before volunteering for Vietnam where he served as the Regimental Surgeon for the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. He was awarded the Bronze Star for valor. While in Vietnam he registered a public protest against the war and subsequently left the Army.
  • Pub Date: Aug 03, 2012
  • Dr. Madeline Levine on Parenting for Authentic Success and Christopher Bergland on Sweat and the Biology of Bliss
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  • Dr. Madeline Levine, Ph.D. is a clinician, consultant, and educator with close to 30 years of experience. A New York Times bestselling author, she is a frequent keynote speaker for schools, parents and business leaders. Dr. Levine lives just outside of San Francisco with her husband and is the (extremely) proud mother of three sons. Her latest book is "Teach Your Children Well".

    Christopher Bergland is a world-class endurance athlete, coach, author, and political activist. He has a Guinness World Record for running (153.76-miles in 24 hours on a treadmill) and is the three-time champion of the Triple Ironman, which is a 7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike, followed by a 78.6-mile run done consecutively. He completed the Triple Ironman-which is the longest non-stop triathlon in the world-in a record-breaking time of 38 hours and 46 minutes. He is the author of The Athlete's Way: Sweat and the Biology of Bliss.